Usually, in both civil- as well as in criminal matters the tariffs of Bokkes Falkena Attorneys are calculated on the basis of an hourly tariff. However, depending on the nature and the scope of the specific case, there are other remuneration methods parties can agree upon. These could consist of the following.

  • Payments by the hour
    The usual way of handling payments: the client pays an amount in advance which will be set off with the time actually spent on the basis of the applicable hourly tariff.
  • One-Time Payment of a Fixed Amount
    Prior to the work, the client pays a one-time fixed amount which covers all expenses. The client has no uncertainty concerning the ultimate invoice.

  • Payment depending on the Achieved Result
    A possibility is that the payment depends completely on the achieved result. If the desired result is not attained, no payment whatsoever will be made to Bokkes Falkena Attorneys. However, if the desired result has been achieved, a tariff will be applied which will be somewhat higher than the usual applicable hourly tariff.

  • Combination (of the above options)
    Possible is a combination of the options mentioned above, in which an agreed tariff is applicable if a satisfactory result is achieved and a somewhat lower tariff if this should not be the case.

  • Legal Assistance Free of Charge
    In civil proceedings, it is possible to obtain a letter from the authorities in question attesting to the fact that the client can not afford to pay for legal counsel. In criminal law proceedings a suspect always has the right to the services of an attorney (‘pro deo’). This implies that in both cases when an attorney from Bokkes Falkena Attorneys has been assigned to such a client, he will have the best of two worlds, expert assistance and completely free of charge to boot.

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